The following individuals have successfully attended and met the requirements of the society to guide tours inside the caves of the Bonaire Caves and Karst Nature Reserve.  Course classes included but were not limited to:

  • Bonaire Island Origin and Geology
  • Bonaire Caves and Karst Fauna and Flora
  • Bonaire Caves and Karst cultural heritage
  • Bonaire Caves Speleothemes
  • Safe Guiding practices inside caves
  • Emergency and first response (EHBO)
  • Emergency simulations including the presence of local hospital personel


List of official CARIBSS certified guides :

+599 788 4636

I am a cave guide on Bonaire since 2014 and was trained by the outdoor adventure company Flow. I was participant of the first karst and cave tour guide course of CARIBSS. I offer fun, safe and environment conscious tours through some of the Bonairian caves. Tours can be held in English, French, Dutch, Italian, German or Swiss-German.

+599 7856272

Outdoor Bonaire has been taken many people into the caves of Bonaire for almost 20 years. With this much knowledge a caving tour with us is not just a tour , it is an experience for life !

+599 785-2518

Cave guide on the island of Bonaire since 2013. Has been involved in cave exploration and conservation projects including underwater cave mapping and bat monitoring. Founding and currently active member of CARIBSS.  Certified Full Cave Diver by Steve Boegarts.  Tours in English, Español and Português; beetje Nederlands and tiki Papiamento. 

Bon bini Cave lovers!…or about to become! I am a Colombian – grown but Bonaire – based Full Cave Diver, passionate about the magical & adventurous world of caves, I became a funding and board member of CARIBSS. I started working as a Cave Tour Guide in Bonaire on 2014, a year after completing my ANTD Full Cave Diver training in Mexico, and participating in different cave explorations and conservation projects in Bonaire.

If you are craving to discover hidden gems of Bonaire or just a slight curiosity to visit them, email me to or drop me a message on Whatsapp +599 782 3398. English and Spanish are spoken.

  • Bianca Zweers
  • Marko Martinus
  • Josephien Rosens
  • Jana Isaza
  • Marco Wildeboer
  • Josse Jan De Schrijver
  • Jim De Schrijver